Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand 1.0

Try to make a profit running a virtual lemonade stand
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Educational game that teaches children the basic of business economics, money handling, and decision gaming. Choose the right balance between advertising costs, production costs and price per glass, but don't forget to factor in the game's changing weather, which will influence the number of customers you have.

Lemonade Stand is a game intended to use in schools to teach simple business principles. Teachers and schools are welcome to contact the developer of the game (Geoffrey Noles) for licensing options for the full offline version. Click PLAY and you’ll start your first day. The TV will show you a weather forecast for the day, it is not always very accurate. Good (and HOT) weather means more potential sales. Rain means much fewer sales. If you think the weather will be bad, you might not want to make any lemonade that day. If you want to skip a day, just hit GO with out filling in any of the boxes.
Your ASSETS is how much money you have. The COST PER GLASS shows what it will cost to make EACH GLASS of lemonade. This number changes daily. For instance, after a hot day when many people consumed lemonade from your lemonade stand and others across town, the price of lemons and ice may go up due to the previous day's high demand. If you like the weather forecast and the cost per glass, it’s time to make some lemonade! Choose how many advertising signs you wish to make and enter your number in the box labeled, “How many advertising signs?”. Advertising is a good way to increase your sales. It might even raise the price that people are willing to pay for your lemonade, so be careful, people are not silly.
Next, decide how much you want to charge per glass. Make sure it isn’t too high or people will refuse to pay that much. Don’t charge less for your lemonade than the cost per glass, that is a sure way to lose money.
Then decide how many glasses to make. If you think the weather will be good, you might want to make a lot of lemonade to sell to thirsty customers. You can not make more than you can afford to make, however. Each glass you make will cost you the cost per glass, so if you only have one dollar, and the cost per glass is 10 cents, then you can not make more than 10 glasses. It is a good idea to never spend all of your money – you might need it later if you have a bad day.

Results of your strategies are shown then, how many glasses you have sold, your gross profit, your expenses, and your net profit. If your gross profit was higher than your total expenses, you made money and it is added to your assets. Personally, I found a lot of fun with this game, and I'm not a kid, maybe a kid have found this slow and hard to understand, but it's worth to take some time learning it!

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